The clever drainage system

MISAPOR Drain-Bags are the perfect all-in-one solution for surface drainage and stabilisation of terrain which is at risk of slipping. The drain-bag system replaces berms, drainage gravel, drainage pipes and shaped parts. It is significantly easier to install, performs better when in use and is always compatible with existing systems. Thanks to its optimal seepage capacity (up to 75 l/s m2), MISAPOR even absorbs significantly more water than a conventional seepage pit.

The MISAPOR drainage system is a very inexpensive and practical alternative and is unique in terms of its effectiveness and easy handling: Simply excavate the pit, insert bubble wrap foil (pit seal) and MISAPOR Drain-Bag before filling in. To make handling even easier, the 2-metre-long drain-bag has connection pieces on both sides to connect the bags to each other reliably.

The MISAPOR Drain-Bag is also suitable for use on rocky ground. MISAPOR foam glass has outstanding insulation properties and provides extremely efficient frost protection. So there is no reason why drain-bags cannot be used in shallow pits.

Special features:

  • Outstanding seepage capacity
  • Flexible adaptation to the terrain (no burst pipes possible)
  • Low weight, relieves the load on the terrain
  • Frost resistant
  • Time saving, simple and very fast installation
  • Rot-proof and maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be easily combined with other systems