Special applications



    GREEN EMAS (Engineered Material Arresting System) is being used at Zurich airport - a first for Europe.

    On runway 28-10 in Zurich, Green EMAS complies with the new FAA safety regulation for the safety areas at the end of the runway (RESA). The GREEN EMAS ensures that aircraft overshooting the limited length of runway 28-10 at Zurich airport on landing can braked in a controlled manner without endangering passengers or damaging aircraft.

    MISAPOR produces a special cellular glass gravel that forms the core of this system according to Runway Safe's specifications. The properties of the MISAPOR Special EMAS gravel are no longer comparable with those of the conventional MISAPOR gravels. The more than 4,000 m3 of cellular glass gravel has to meet strict specifications with respect to weight, sieve curve, and compressive strength in order to ensure the desired absorption effect.

  • stone chip protection

    stone chip protection

    MISAPOR GREENLIGHT for Rockfall X from Geobrugg

    Highway A9 at the Simplon Tunnel is to undergo a general overhaul. This will include comprehensive upgrading of the galleries and of their protection against natural hazards such as rockfalls and avalanches. The new standard governing the demands on constructions with respect to the impact energy to be absorbed is authoritative for this effort. Initially requiring 300-500 kJ, the standards have become significantly more stringent. Today, an overhaul must allow impact energies of up to 1,900 kJ to be absorbed.

    A lighter and more impact-absorbing MISAPOR was used for the first time for the Simplon Tunnel in Gabi: MISAPOR Greenlight. The performance of the 2290 damping modules installed was improved in two respects as a result: MISAPOR Greenlight relieves the damping modules with 30% less weight, and at the same time improves the system's "crumple zone" by means of a longer absorption path. The forces exerted by any rockfall are absorbed even better, optimally protecting the construction.

  • slope stabilisation

    slope stabilisation

    Efficient - ecological - sustainable

    MISAPORs system solution takes the place of and outperforms conventional drainage systems in terms of performance and handling.

    Drain-Bags are not only light, pressure-resistant and frost-resistant, they are also not susceptible to damage from insects and rodents. The system replaces berms, drainage gravel and drainage pipes, it can be applied more quickly, has a higher drainage capacity and is even more economical. If needs be, it is compatible with pipes.


    • Superior absorption and drainage capacity, flexible even on rough subsoil (broken pipes are completely eliminated)
    • Maintenance-free system
    • No blockages due to fine particles
    • Non-rotting and maintenance-free, environmentally friendly
  • Sound-absorbing wall made from MISAPOR

    Sound-absorbing wall made from MISAPOR

    Although Misapor mainly made a name for itself with thermal insulation, this environmentally compatible material is also perfectly sound-absorbing. At Frick, on the Zurich-Basel railway line, the all-round solution in front of a residential building absorbs the sound of the trains thundering past. The tidy stone wall cuts a striking figure. With a height of just 120 cm and a width of 80 cm, the attenuation is approximately 40 db.

    As in most of the Mirapor applications, the structure is quite simple. First, a standard concrete foundation was built for the steel reinforcement baskets. The anchored baskets were filled with layers of Misapor 10/75. Cement mortar was poured into the core to give additional stabilisation and sound insulation.

  • Quays and ports

    Quays and ports

    As a lightweight backfill, MISAPOR is the ideal solution for the construction, renovation or extension of port basins, river banks or port facilities. The innovative building material is ten times lighter than conventional variants and thus reduces the pressure on the construction to a significant degree. MISAPOR is also able to withstand the seasons. MISAPOR has excellent drainage properties and can massively reduce the hydrostatic pressure on the quay walls.


    • For tidal rivers and streams, MISAPOR avoids hydrostatic pressure on the quay wall thanks to its high drainage capacity.
    • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, salts and other aggressive substances
    • Reduces the horizontal pressure against the existing infrastructure
    • Allows a reduction of the reinforced concrete portion in the quay wall
    • MISAPOR is resistant to rodents
    • Long-lasting and inert
    • Fit for traffic already during installation
  • Canal Construction

    Canal Construction

    Around the pipe - MISAPOR

    Installing pipes frost-proof and saving on excavation thanks to the thermal insulation? Avoiding heat losses from remote heating pipes. MISAPOR has developed the usual simple system for this.

    Even a small covering with cellular glass is sufficient to protect pipes reliably against frost. With the appropriate dimensions, heat losses can be so substantially minimised that coating pipelines is no longer necessary. In addition, MISAPOR protects the pipes against damage from rodents.


    • Insulating and frost-proof
    • Independent of the depth of frost
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Protects pipes from rodents
  • Zementgebundene Schüttung

    Zementgebundene Schüttung

    MISAPOR Schaumglas erfüllt in seiner zementgebundenen Anwendung die Anforderungen beim Bau von Verkehrsflächen optimal.

    MISAPOR Schaumglasschotter erfüllt in seiner zementgebundenen Anwendung die Anforderungen beim Bau von Verkehrsflächen
    optimal. Der Unterschied zu herkömmlichen Baustoffen macht sich speziell dort deutlich bemerkbar, wo statische
    Tragfähigkeit und Entlastung von Deckenflächen entscheidend und gleichzeitig die Nutz- und Verkehrslasten eingeschränkt


    • niedriges Schüttgewicht von 160 - 190 kg/m3
    • gleichzeitig sehr gute statische Tragfähigkeit
    • 350 bis 550 kg/m3 im verdichteten Zustand (zementgebundene Ausführung)
    • deutlich leichter als vergleichbarer Drainbeton mit ca. 1’800 bis 2’000 kg/m3