Apartment house B35, Zurich

Description of property

The façade made of Misapor insulating concrete with core insulation was first constructed in these dimensions. The insulation is placed in the middle of the formwork and attached to the reinforcing bars of the 16 cm thick inner shell. The outer 9 cm thick shell is only fibre-reinforced. Both shells are concreted in the same work-step. The formwork pattern of the large-area steel formwork clearly indicates the constructional dependencies and the requirements for a sensible and efficient construction process.
The outer wall is sandblasted, which gives the surface a refined appearance that is almost like natural stone. The subsequently applied, pigmented glaze in a dark, turbid anthracite brown carefully incorporates the building into the predominant natural tones of Bolleystrasse. The various window types with their different positions in the plane, sometimes protruding, sometimes flush, some slightly recessed, contribute significantly to the expression of the design.

Property profile

Apartment house B35, Zurich
Year of construction
8001 Zurich
agps.architecutre ltd., CH-8004 Zürich