MISAPOR bagged 10/25

MISAPOR MiniLine 10/25 in a practical 50l bag

Whether hobby gardener or professional – with MISAPOR MiniLine 10/25 you benefit from big advantages even on a small scale. Be it for the construction of a gazebo or hut, for a raised bed or indeed garden paths – you always benefit from the same easy handling. And at the same time MISAPOR also benefits ecology as a 100% mineral-based construction material.

Special features:

  • Drainage material in plant containers, troughs and trays
  • Frost-proof base and foundation layers for paths, courtyards and roof and terrace areas
  • Lightweight aggregate to go under foundations and to fill cavities
  • Aggregate for light and lean concrete mixes
  • Modelling of hills and dips around the house
  • Ground cover material for erosion protection and weed suppression