Every construction site has its own peculiarity. We clarify in advance with you which lifting and distribution devices are available on site, and the timing and sequence for the installation.

Quantities of more than 60m3 are preferably delivered in bulk. Smaller quantities in the practical Big Bag with 2m3 or 3m3 capacity.

Even for the delivery, MISAPOR still has a few trump cards to play: Due to the lower weight, larger delivery volumes are possible and shipping becomes considerably cheaper.

Volumes of 60 m3 to 90 m3 per truck are possible for delivery in bulk.

The practical Big Bags (each with 2m3 capacity) can be efficiently installed using a construction crane, excavator or multi-purpose machine due to their relatively low weight of 350-500kg per Big Bag. The Big Bags have a dispensing tube at the bottom. The convenient method of opening and controlled dispensing allow further savings in time and effort. 


There is the optimum delivery vehicle for every construction site. We will be glad to clarify the access routes and the type of installation, and organise the transport logistics for you.

Unloading equipment

In addition to tipping or ejecting loose material, you can also rent an unloading cloth for your delivery. Although this increases the vehicle unloading time by approx. 1 hour / 90m3, the crane can unload the material at the exact position on the construction site. The time saved for spreading and subsequent compaction is thus reduced by several man-hours.

In addition to bulk deliveries, we can also organise crane vehicles for the unloading of Big Bags.

Delivery planning

MISAPOR is “Lean-construction-ready”. Together with you we organize the delivery of the material on request "just in time". The material is installed directly on delivery. No interim storage facilities are required on the already tight space of the construction site. This reduces the construction time and as is well known, time is money