Call for tenders

Texts for the call for tenders MISAPOR cellular glass

We provide you with the tender texts in various formats for the most common MISAPOR applications. If you cannot find the tender text required for your project requirements, we will develop an individual submission basis for the use of MISAPOR products in your project. Please contact us about this.

Approvals and certifications

Our products and applications are provided with the approvals and certifications required in the respective countries. Whoever builds with MISAPOR enjoys the highest level of safety.

The strict requirements of the various approval bodies are externally inspected several times a year with material from the factory and from the construction sites. However, our internal quality checks take place several times per shift and cover not only the end product but also all input materials.We will be happy to help you find the design values relevant to you in an official certificate or approval.

Call for tenders


Nachfolgend stehen Ihnen die NPK-Ausschreibungstexte je nach Anwendungsgebiet im *.pdf-Format oder im NPK Format gemäss SIA 451 zum Download zur Verfügung.


Den Datendownload der Ausschreibungstexte im gewünschten Format (u.a. *.doc, *.pdf, GAEB) finden Sie auch unter