System advice

MISAPOR products can be used to solve a variety of challenges in building construction, civil engineering, infrastructure construction and garden design more easily, faster, more cost-effectively and in a more sustainable way.

Our sales consultants will familiarise you with the applications of MISAPOR cellular glass relevant to your area of work, and offer inspiration for you in finding the best solution. You receive comprehensive planning fundamentals and measurements to ensure that your project can develop properly and safely.

 Of course, this service is free of charge for you.

Get in touch and let us impress you with our ultra-light building material.

Comparison of applications

Conventional and proven is good. But the new can also be better. If you wish we will produce for you a comparison of your best solution and the alternative MISAPOR application system, showing the technical and costing aspects. With this service we work with you to provide a basis for improving your competitive position. If you are ready, we will make a technical and cost comparison for you between your best solution and the alternative MISAPOR application system.

Cost optimisation

Is your project still too expensive and are you looking for further potential savings? We will help you to improve the cost-benefit ratio. Savings are made not only in the choice of materials, but also in the choice of system, installation, construction time and transport costs. Of course, this optimization takes place without having to make compromises in terms of quality, longevity or sustainability.