Our quality for your safety


Compliance with the specified required values is compulsory, regular monitoring and the implementation of supplementary tests is for us a matter of course. Bulk density and compressive strength are checked several times daily.

State-of-the-art laboratory facilities in our plants allow us to perform high-class quality controls. Through these tests, we have firm control over the values, which go far beyond the minimum requirements for authorisation. Our own laboratories comply with the latest standards and daily controls confirm the excellent quality of our cellular glass gravels. We simply owe this to our planners and users

Good quality in production is only possible if the raw materials are carefully selected and meticulously examined. This is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to examining the glass powder from recycled glass that is used as our raw material. We manufacture the raw material for MISAPOR cellular glass gravel on-site, with the greatest possible care.

We thus guarantee our customers certified quality throughout the production process, in order to guarantee the product' s safety and the lack of any subsequent quality defects, ensuring that no nasty surprises can arise.

We are proud to practice a level of quality management that is unique in the industry!