MISAPOR insulates.

Thermal insulation is a prime characteristic of MISAPOR cellular glass. From simple perimeter insulation (without frost barriers!) to complete horizontally and vertically installable system, MISAPOR ensures a thermal bridge free construction. This is made possible by the excellent insulating values of MISAPOR.

MISAPOR is light.

Earth and gravel are heavy and often load retaining walls, ramps, concrete ceilings or roof constructions unnecessarily heavily. MISAPOR is around ten times lighter than gravel and thus provides only a light load on structures. Load-bearing constructions can therefore have much leaner designs - saving money. Even during heavy rainfall, the weight of MISAPOR remains constant, because the cellular glass is comprised of closed cells that do not absorb water. The fill means that the water runs of quickly.

MISAPOR stabilized.

The same is true of soils. And even twice, if the soil is critical. Through a simple soil exchange, MISAPOR replaces the excavation and so relieves the soil. Since cellular glass is around ten times lighter than soil material, the exchange quickly results in a reduction in weight. Example: At 10 cubic meters of soil exchange, the site is already relieved by 15 tons!

MISAPOR drained.

Two factors in particular are responsible for the excellent drainage effects: Cellular glass is closed-cells, so that water does not enter the material but runs off. Added to this, the external shape and grain size guarantee that there are always enough spaces through which the water can drain. Ask us about the longitudinal and transverse drainage capacities of the different load levels.

MISPAPOR protects against frost.

A dreaded effect: water enters building materials, freezes and slowly destroys the material, then settling occurs. Not so with MISAPOR. Due to the closed cell structure, no water enters and the dreaded damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles is excluded with MISAPOR. That's how future proof construction works.

MISAPOR doesn't roll.

MISAPOR can be perfectly levelled; however, it doesn't have to be. Parks with hilly landscapes, creative gardens on roofs and lightweight fills in entrances can all be realised in three dimensions using MISAPOR. The angular MISAPOR stones, with their rough surface, do not roll. This allows shaping of up to 45 degrees without lateral support.

MISAPOR is non-combustible

Cellular glass is absolutely fire-resistant and therefore also ideally suited for applications in building construction with high fire protection demands. In contrast to heat sensitive insulating materials made from petroleum products, MISAPOR can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius (Class A1 according to ISO EN13501).

MISAPOR is sustainable.

When it comes to ecological construction, cellular glass is clearly the number one. MISAPOR relies on 100% recycled products and therefore involves no exploitation. Moreover, at the end of its life cycle, the entirely age-resistant MISAPOR can be used again elsewhere, without hesitation.